About Us

Whiteplains British School, located in Jabi-Abuja, was established in 2007 by a group of private individuals in diaspora who had a desire to offer an excellent school whose program is designed to provide Nigerians and other nationals living in Nigeria with a certificate that is recognised throughout the world. It offers quality and affordable education. With a motto of "Bonitas et Disciplina" (Goodness and Discipline), it has educated over 2,000 students and gained recognition, including UN consultative status and education awards. The school emphasizes academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and problem-solving skills, fostering independent learners. Whiteplains British School aims to provide a well-rounded global education, producing successful students who excel in various fields.

Why Choose Us

A leading and reputable institution of learning with value added and quality credo effectively discarging professional educational standard. Whiteplains British School is staffed with expatriates and indigenous tutors of the height standard and has become synonymous with track records of performance.

In 2011, our student by name Miss Bukola Ogunjinmi came out as the best in IGSCE in Africa sub-region with pararel A

We strive for academic excellence and a year-on-year improvement in our IGSCE (Certificate of Secondary Education) results. Our extensive Rtra-curricular program, includes: drama, music and sport. Support our academoc programmes through the development of creativity

  • British Curriculum
  • Modern Instructional Facilities
  • Professional, experienced and motivated staff
  • Rapid response to student needs
  • Programme unique to only Whiteplains British School
  • Global Students
  • Foundation year programme assured by exdel
  • Certificate accepted worldwide
  • Admission into choice universities worldwide guaranteed
  • Study Visa guaranteed


Whiteplains School's Pre-School pupils adopt the Montessori system for holistic child development, promoting future academic success through engaging, practical learning. Dr. Montessori's principles guide their innovative educational approach.


Ranging from ages 5 to 11, our Primary school uses the British curriculum organised into blocks of years called ‘key stages’ (KS). It was chosen due to its well-rounded approach, rigorous standards, global recognition, and emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, and a holistic development framework.


Our Secondary School takes a more practical approach typically catering to students aged 11 to 16. With the british curriculum, Whiteplains offers a structured, internationally recognized framework that encourages critical thinking, in-depth subject specialization, and prepares students for global academic and career opportunities.

Sixth-Form College

Sixth-form college at Whiteplains provides a specialized and focused educational environment for students aged 16 to 18, fostering academic excellence, personal growth, and smooth transitions to higher education or employment.

" Reviews "

"The school is a nice place to raise a child, it feels so bad when haters in Nigeria make comments from malicious mind. A school run by God fearing ppl with commitment to raising a better Nigeria."

Victor Iwualla

"School is top notch and on point with educational facilities.Teachers are well equipped.My kids are definitely coming here.The secondary school Secretary was courteous when i meet with her for enquiries."

Obinna A

"An ivy class secondary school. Popular for her award from.the United Nations Organizations"

Ogechi Ewuru